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The library has no external dependencies and is written completely in QML and JS, so it doesn't require a C++ compiler either.

It also works on all operating systems where QML 2 works.

It was written and tested on Qt 5.15, however, maybe it would work starting with Qt 5.12. Usage with earlier versions is not possible because the library relies heavily on ECMA Script 2016 features that were missing in Qt before.


via Git

git clone
git clone

as archive

Download zip

Add to your project

I expect that whichever method of getting the source code of the library you chose, you've put it somewhere inside your project folder.

Now you are free to pack it as Qt resources or bundle it along with your app1.

The only thing you have to do is to add a corresponding import path to your QML engine.

Having the library installed under 3rdParty/qml-colors, the line that should do the trick will be something similar to:

QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
engine.addImportPath(app.applicationDirPath() + "3rdParty/qml-colors/qml");

In any case, you know your project structure better. Just don't forget to add the import path using any of the available ways.

Use in QML

Just import the module at least once anywhere in your project:

import easy.colors 1.0
import easy.colors  // never tested it in Qt 6 by the way
Note on import

You don't need to import it in every file where you want to work with colors because the library modifies the root context object making its functions available everywhere. However, it would hurt no one if you put a corresponding import in every file.

If only one of your files will contain the import, remember that it should be the file loaded by QML Engine before you try to use any of the library's facilities. Let it be your main.qml in such a case.



If you did everything according to this manual, you are good to go with using the library now!

  1. For that, read the docs of the build system of your choice.